Saturday, July 28, 2007

Strange syncronicity

So this probably isn't going to seem that out there or weird to anyone but me, but heck thought I'd share it anyway. When I take photos I like to put other little things in them, not sure why, I just do, it's part of my creative *blah blah blah* whatever... anyway, something about it appeals to me. In the past I've put wands, goggles and fins, cartons of cream, toys, puppets, etc. Something like these two pics from my last stocking. See the Lyra pencils and the pearls and the building blocks in the second pic. I used those building blocks in the Isla pinnie shot too for a p and a t for pikki tint. Have a look.

So now look at this latest Peter Alexander catalogue that arrived this week in the mail. Strange syncronicity or what???? By the way, I don't mind having creative syncronicity with someone like Peter, I do own quite a few pairs of his PJS LOL


  1. Face it, you're just one hip mumma ahead of the rest....

  2. i actually noticed that when i got my PA catalogue! i luuurrrvvveee PA!

    Was that the vintage collection catalogue?


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