Friday, July 13, 2007

Adelaide knits.

Holidays are for knitting. And these are some of what I worked on on our stay in Adelaide.

This sock is ironically called the Rainy Day sock as that was what the weather was like the whole time we were there apart from the day we left. I started it on the way back in the car to see if I could knit the whole thing between Adelaide and here and may possibly have done so if it hadn't turned dark; I don't trust myself to knit a lace pattern in the dark. It's knit in 8ply, I love this colourway it's so in your face and bright! I almost managed to knit it entirely on a pair of 30cm circs, but couldn't really do the end of the toe. Luckily by pure coincidence I found a pair of lovely blue vintage dpns in the size I needed at the op shop yesterday so I finally finished this this morning. It was a really easy knit. Now I just have to knit the other one.

This little headband, Nakiska, is a quick, easy and very gratifying knit. Unfortunately, ehile knitting it my brain suffered a momentary lapse of reason and I used the wrong size needles and didn't bother to swatch up so it didn't fit the intended recipient, me. In fact, the only member of the family it initially did fit was Lily's baby doll. A little wash and a stretch and it now fits Lily...just. She really doesn't have enough hair, however, to justify a headband. Next one will be in black and the right size.

This little hat, Piggle, is for Tully, the green strands of yarn are the waste yarn for where there will be little holes in her hat to poke her pigtails through. Lily had to model this one too seen as I made her model the last hat.

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