Monday, July 23, 2007

It has been soooo cold here..

so very very cold... the coldest winter I remember since we moved here. So cold I could hardly bear to be in my sewing room, I've been huddled in front of the fire with Lily. Consequently, little has been achieved on the sewing front. Infact only three totally essential pieces.

First up, my sponsor piece for the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt which is on again this August. I love the GDUNH, it's heaps of fun. It is basically an internet scavenger hunt complete with clues and the idea is that you have to find the icon on each of the websites. You get to check out lots of new websites and products connected with cloth nappies, but it's not just nappies, there are also clothes, mama pads, fabrics, yarns, jewellery and other fab WAHM made stuff. Many sites also offer discounts so you can also grab some excellent bargains.

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Diaper Decisions Great Down Under Nappy Hunt

Anyway, I made a a pair of size one red velour polar fleece longies with dark purple, white and blue stars appliqued onto them. I've called them "Hunting Superstar". I think they're pretty gender neutral so will suit either a boy or girl.

Second, my poor little Lily has outgrown all her fleece longies and now that she's not in nappies the rise on them is way too big anyway. Thought it was time I got around to making her a new pair. She chose red as the colour and I chose the rainbow winged dragonfly as the applique. She was pretty stoked with them but thought it was far more fun to run around the house while I was trying to take her photo than it was to stand still.

Ooh, she's also wearing the tee that I made out of the fabric that the lovely Demonic Fi sent for Lily. I cut up an old chenille skirt (that had strangely never been worn) to make the pink background. She has a matching pair of hemp wide leg pants and a chenille hair bow to complete the outfit BUT everytime she wears it she manages to get either the top or pants wet or grubby before I get a chance to take a photo.

With this very cold and wet weather it has been a nightmare getting things dry. I'm still catching up on washing after coming back from our trip to Adelaide. Lily had run out of PJs so I thought it was time to make her some more, I used this cute spotted quilters flannelette and her favourite dolly Jemima even scored a matching pair.


  1. would love to see those pics Georgie, but they aren't showing??

  2. hmm, they must be hiding somewhere. Shall have to go find them. I accidentally posted this post on the wrong blog and then just copied and pasted the whole thing including pics.. obviously it didn't quite work LOL

  3. Oh wow, too cute the lot of it Georgie, great work! Love that Jemima got a pair of jammie bottoms too LOL.


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