Thursday, June 14, 2007

You've got to love a hoarder...

Because it means you get these lovely things eventually. One Holly Hobbie curtain from our childhood bedroom

And this dress made by my mum. It does have a matching headscarf, which for some reason my little sister Lana chose to write her name on in texta, even thought this was never her dress or headscarf. Wasn't mine either (shhhhhh) mine was blue, I remember and I was only young ;)


  1. hey i remember that dress! Would you put lily in it? It's very long isn't it!
    so are you going to cut up the curtain? Can't use them as there's only one

  2. hehe I am the actual owner of that dress tikki and i have Louise's
    don't you go cutting up the
    i have the patterns for them too...


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