Sunday, June 24, 2007

And something I made earlier...

quite a bit earlier actually.

Well, with a delicious winter happening here I've had to dig into the hat box to find some suitable head attire; after all a girl can't be seen wearing the same hat everyday (and I wonder where Lily gets her hat and shoe fetish from LOL) I seem to have temporarily misplaced in my wardrobe somewhere my favourite Scottish peasant cap that I bought at the portarlington celtic festival two years ago so I have been seeking out other groovy hats. I have a good collection, out of necessity from when we lived in Ballarat. It gets very cold there, especially when you don't drive and walk everywhere... even in Winter. and I digress.....

now where was I? hats?

ah yes, so digging through the hat box I found some old beanies I'd crafted earlier. All of these predate the arrival of Lily.
The brown beanies is one of the three variations of a brown beanie I have knitted for Andy, I have no idea where the others are (probably in his shed or truck), the stripey one I made a jumper to match (I hate the jumper LOL but like the hat), the bright one is knit in intarsia on dpns (I know, what was going on in my head), the cream and grey one is again intarsia and made from recycled wool, and the bottom one is from the days of the fluffy novelty yarns ~ but I still think it's quite cute.
I'd like to knit myself a new beanie actually .....

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