Friday, June 08, 2007

World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day


we're planning a little stocking with an ocean based theme.

I am planning to stock on the tide times, with previews to be up by high tide here at the Port Phillip heads (5:11pm) and stocking at high time in Geelong (8:27pm)

This are in Victorian times. :D

Given that we live by the beach and Andy is an underwater film maker, you could safely assume that the ocean is fairly important part of our life. I actually prefer the ocean in the cooler months when it is less crowded and I think more beautiful in its moods.

Lily loved watching me do these appliques, she wanted me to do a dolphin next but I didn't get enough time... maybe I will anyway. I am absolutely in love with the boysenberry velour polar fleece, the colour is so bright and vibrant! I've been working on three pairs in this colour this week, including a custom which is just about done :D I think Lily needs some pants in this colour.

Remember respect our waterways, eat only sustainably fished seafood and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.
For more info on ocean conservation

(oh, there will also be a little visitor who was supposed to appear on World Environment day but got a little held up *oops*)

Prancing Prissy ~ Size 00

Moby Blue ~ Size 0

Gnarly ~ Size 1
(so named for Lily who has been saying "Gnarly" nonstop ever since watching Finding Nemo, I think she learnt it from the turtles on there LOL)

Piko Panda ~ Size 2

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