Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lily and her new dolly

One of the perks of being sisters to the very talented pint chick is that you get little pressies like this in the mail, well, really it's for Lily to wear but for me to admire!!
As you can see Lily loves it and I couldn't get her to leave her tshirt down to take a photo of it, but it can be found in more detail on Megsie's blog. Lily wore this out down to the local shops and told the lady in the fabric store, "Megsie painted my dolly." It was interesting that her first response when I told her that Megsie had made it for her was, "Megsie painted it?" complete with the cute little raise in her voice intonation that heralds her questions. LOL AFter spending time in Adelaide watching Megsie paint, that's the association she has of her.
Any way, it is very cute and the mad doll fiend Lily loves it :D


  1. what a great shot tikki! cute cute cute

  2. oh that's just adorable, makes me crave a creative sister like yours ;)

  3. That is the cutest little tshirt for a dolly loving girl

  4. omg that is SO SO SO gorgeous!


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