Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knitting weekend

We've just spent the long weekend up at the family bush block near the Grampians, a long 3 hour drive away ~ just perfect for a good knitting stint. We drove up in our Toyota Troopcarrier which only has the front seats and thus has been specially fitted out with a big thick thingamajog to attach Lily's carseat too. Fabulous, except that it leaves me squeezed into the corner. On the way up I tried to knit my Jo Sharp zig zag rib vest and must say persisted for most of the way. Unfortunately, I am knitting on lovely rosewood straights, which I am really enjoying but they are just not ideal for cramped knitting spaces.
I must admit, so desperate and excited was I about my knitting time over the long weekend I set myself some very unrealistic expectations. My goal was to finish the vest (had just done the ribbing on the back), complete Lily's longies (up to the gusset) and finish a scarf (30 rows down of 160cm approx). Once all that was done I was hoping to get restarted on Lily's rainbow dress.
Ridiculously optimistic, I seem to have forgotten that I have a two year old who loves to roam. And roam we did, we had a glorious time rugged up out wandering through the bush, splashing in puddles, climbing on sticks, walking in leaves, chasing sheep, climbing in and out of the trenches in the tree plantations and looking at flowers. Lily, most impressively, found an epacris impressa, a tiny little red native flower, very few and far between. She was really proud of herself!!
On the trip home, I pulled out the addis and worked on Lily's longies, a project far more suited for the cramped front seat.

So my progress, is as follows: front of vest completed, nearly finished the first leg of the longies and the scarf was untouched.


  1. Loving that vest :) and the scarf is so pretty. Sounds like you had a great weekend away.

  2. That vest is coming along BEAUTIFULLY!! I love the sock yarn too, and can't wait to see how that scarf comes out. Great work.


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