Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I love Wednesday nights :D

Wednesdays are always..mostly...generally my night, I don't sew and it's the only night I actually sit down and watch tv. I guess it's what you would call my day/night off. Tonight we're sitting down after a lovely pumpkin pasta dish (even though I forgot the garlic *oops*) to enjoy our usual Wednesday night viewing of Spicks and Specks and The Chasers War on Everything and the following show too if it's a good one (I always forget what it is as it seems to change a lot LOL)
One of the reasons I really look forward to Wednesday night is that it is also knitting night. I really don't get to knit as much as I'd like these days, I need to take my knitting with me more places and pull it out whenever I get the chance. Fine if you're doing something straightforward like longies or some stocking but when you're doing cables or a finicky pattern, not so easy LOL So I've decided to have an easy pattern on the go at all times.
Tonight my aim is to get through the zigzag rib of the Jo Sharp vest I'm doing; I'm doing the version with 46 rows of rib, not a lot but the cable needle does get pretty constant use. I actually had to go out and buy a new cable needle today, I couldn't find my one with the dip in it, I only had a straight one. I like the dips much better. Once that is done, I'd like to swatch up for my Miss Marigold so I can order my needles for that tomorrow.

So off to knit now and shall take some progress pics of my knits later on. :D

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