Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wintery goodness

Well, it's been raining so much here the drought surely must have broken! Every day for soo long it's hard to remember what a day without rain is like. We have a corrugated tin roof so it's lovely hearing it pitterpattering down all snugged up in front of the combustion wood fire or all toasty under the doona. But now a cold snap has hit, OMG, I thought the other morning I woken up in Ballarat it was THAT cold; jackets that haven seen the outside of the wardrobe since we left Buninyong are now being worn again. We couldn't walk to our music class the other day as the rain was just way to heavy and the wind was fierce. It's really nice having a real winter again, instead of the pithy efforts we often get here.

I've been working on the custom fleece longies, customs are always so much fun but do take much longer to get done. This lot have been really fun :D I've also been doing a bit of knitting, have nearly finished one leg of Lily's longies, I'm leaving the cuff to do when I finish the other leg in case she grows again. Started the socks too ;) but a progress pic would be pretty unexciting at the two inch stage. Cold weather really makes me want to knit.

Finally, my hemp denim has arrived ~ yeah!!!!! Now for some drying weather so I can prewash it and sew up some pants for my testers :D It's a lovely lightweight denim, much different from Andy's old hemp jeans. I've also started working on some pieces for a stocking; tonight made a cute little cord twirly peasant skirt... very cute in pink, brown and a tinge or orange.

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  1. Heh - I'm glad to hear that it's not just Ballarat that is so cold. Brrrrr. Pretty things you've sewn - as always :)


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