Friday, June 01, 2007

And finally Miss Fashionista consents

to wearing her new overalls, well actually, it's been too cold to wear them with just a long sleeved tee until today. She's even got a spencer on under her long sleeved tee here. I'm a little smitten with these, and a little proud of them. Lily looks sooo adorable in them it brings tears to my eyes. I'm pretty lucky to have such an adorable little model, she makes anything look good.
These got the stamp of approval on our trip down the street today, there were a group of teenage girls that were oohing and ahhing over Lily and her overalls as we walked towards them, I could hear them saying, "Ooh look at that""how cute is she" "ooh the overalls are gorgeous" and then when we walked past "aww, look at the pockets".. that made me feel sooo good :D


  1. omg they are ace. so cute and doesn't miss lily look grown up with her hair all up. gee it's grown!

  2. What a cutie - she is an adorable model and OMG how buttonlicious are those buttons!

  3. Sooooo so gorgeous!!

    Lil and overalls :D

    Have such a soft spot for gorgeous overalls on the little ones, they are so great for running amok in but they look so super cute too!!

    Love your work, as always :D

  4. wow i love overalls - just gorgeous:)


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