Friday, June 01, 2007

My KAL sweater done ~ wicked!!!

Gee it feels good to have finally finished this sweater. When I first tried it on (with pj, dodgy old tshirt and no bra) I didn't like it and was disappointed with the fit, so didn't bother rushing to weave in the ends and block the pocket and the jumper. Then I tried it on with my jeans and love it, there aren't many jumpers I like with jeans to be honest. It's quite a good length, even though I umm and ahh as to whether or not it is too short. here I am wearing it with hipsters, and a long tshirt and it actually covers the top of my very low hipsters so I'm happy with that. I think it will become a favourite :D Andy says it awesome, so that's all I need!!! LOL

Oh, and I wasn't sure about the pocket either until i blocked and whip stitched it on, it sits really flat on this, and I looove it.

Next up: Jo Sharp zig zag vest in Jo Sharp DK wool Oak.

Pattern: Zephyr's Wicked
Yarn: Patons Jet Wool and Alpaca colour #706 ~ 7 balls
Needles: Addi Circulars 4.5mm
Gauge: 20 stitches per 4 inch (yes, a tad tighter than intended as I actually swatched on 5mm needles and somehow managed to knit up on 4.5 LOL)
Adaptions: moss stitch around bottom replaced with crossover pattern, moss stitch edge on pocket replaced with 1x1 ribbing, 1 inch added in length, knit on tighter gauge than recommended (18-4")
Size: a tad bigger than XS


  1. oh yeah!!!! love it:D I love the pocket and the sleeves.

    Your hairs looking pretty too tik. had a cut and colour since i saw you many moons ago?

  2. Nice top :o) Sits really well... gotta love the name of the pattern, too! (My baby boy is Zephyr!!) *sigh* I wish I could knit...

  3. That looks great! I love the colour too.

  4. Wow that looks awesome on. I love it - and your pocket looks great. You know you could be a Julia Roberts double in that third photo there!!

  5. Oh awesome!!

    And how much of a supermodel are you, you gorgeous thing!!

  6. aww you guys are too nice *blush*

    Yep, Megsie I spoiled myself and I got a haircut that I can wash and muss up and rub a bit of gunk into it and it actually sits ok... and for once actually does!!!!!
    Tania, I used to get that all the time when Julia and I both had long curly hair back in the good ol' days LOL

  7. looks great! and you look gorgeous:)


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