Tuesday, June 05, 2007

There's just something about Australiana..

that made this little gem impossible to resist from the op shop.

Tomorrow is my BIL Lachie's birthday and how stoked am I that I found this stunning jumper for him just in time, obviously I won't have it knitted by tomorrow but hey the thought is there and I'm sure he'll appreciate it. I mean just look at it, what red-blooded Aussie male wouldn't?

Just kidding folks, Lachie would probably vomit if I made that for him LOL

Here are some other vomitworthy contenders:
check out the leg warmers and matching cardy, in particular the fluffy sheep pockets

Seriously no one could have possibly knitted this pattern!!!!

And this is just wrong on so many levels I can't even beginto start

I've often considered mixing fabric and wool, but not quite like this!!

And what about some lovely homewares?


  1. OMG that's just fantastic! I am loving the beer jumper and the nrorm vest complete with faux beer belly *rofl* all brilliant

  2. lachie is so excited about his cardi tik!! he thinks you musn't have enough knitting projects on the go. rofl

  3. Ha ha - they have that book in our local library! Simply exquisite designs ... if it was 1982!

  4. that is a total WINNER! love the Fosters jumper ;)

  5. now... how much would I have to pay you to knit me that special boomerang frock? now that *is* very... ahem... *SPECIAL*!!!

    And that cardi... well.



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