Sunday, January 30, 2011

it's all about the button today..

I'm not sure why it is I'm a button-sewer-oner avoider. I mean I like sewing, even hand sewing. And I LOVE buttons. Get that, LOVE!!! But sewing on buttons, I'm a bit nerr about.

The buttons here aren't sewn on yet..

Despite these buttons being Purchased last Monday. Why? Because I can't decide which colour I really do like best.

The orange.....

or the yellow

I'm a yellow kind of girl but I'm heavily leaning towards the orange. At least I was. What do you think?

This little baby jacket is the uber famous Baby Surprise Jacket by Eliabeth Zimmermann. I knit it because.

Basically, the BSJ is a must-knit pattern a bit like a must watch movie, like ummm, er... Star Wars? I dunno, I can't think of a must-watch movie but you get my drift. ooh, like for any lover of Australian literature Cloudstreet is a must read novel.

Elizabeth Zimmermann is this very famous knitty lady, who wrote a stack of newsletters and a number of books that really explode knitting construction in a revolutionary way. She is much loved by those like me in the seamless knitting fraternity.

One of EZ's most fabulous books is The Knitter's Almanac which is like a calendar of knitting projects, with one for each month of the year. There has been a bit of chatter at my Monday night group about knitting through the Almanac this year, but the general consensus was that we weren't that keen on January's project, an aran jumper. Secretly, I think we all just want to knit the February Baby Sweater because I'm guessing we're not going to be that keen on March's 'Difficult Sweater'.

I think I'll just create my own calendar of EZ knits for the year and aim to knock one off per month, so January's is the BSJ.

Not sure were this little jacket is headed, I though tit might be ok for Otis but I suspect it's going to be too small.

Know any babies who are kinda small and keen on technicolour coats?

P.S. I forgot to mention that the BSJ pattern is not in the Almanac. It can be found in Knitting Workshop or The Opinionated Knitter. You can also get a more thorough version from Schoolhouse Press.

The yarn is Noro Koreyun sock.

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  1. It is divine! And although I am sooooooo not an orange girl, I am leaning that way too. I'm off now to see if I can track down a copy of that book.
    Have a happy Sunday.

  2. Thanks Kate!

    I forgot to mention that the BSJ isn't in the Almanac. it's in the The opinionated Knitter and The knitting Workshop

  3. Im thinking the orange...they make it POP!!!!

  4. Oh yum. Another hand up for orange here (and I am definately in no way shape of form a liker of orange lol) I'm sprinting off to see if I can beat Kate lol ;)

  5. Just love the little jacket...are the books that contain the pattern available in Australia...i see they are available from Amazon..but would rather buy here if possible..Or is it possible to just buy that pattern?

  6. Definately the orange buttons, they look much nicer. I have all of EZ's books and they are so nice to sit down and read. I have knit the FBS, a very nice and enjoying knit that you will probably want to make the adult version too.

  7. Orange all the way baby!
    Great jacket, and the colours are fabulous (but VERY bright!!!!)
    And I hate sewing on buttons too. Almost as much as I hate seaming.

  8. Doreen, The only place I know that stocks the books is my LYS Twisted Threads in Geelong. I think Mandy will be getting the pattern in for the BSJ, which has for more extensive instructions. You can just buy the pattern from Schoolhouse Press, but it is from the US. I wish they had a pdf purchase option!

    I am hanging for February to start the FBS. I made the FLS a few years ago, it was a very fun knit and a staple in my wardrobe.

    Ok orange it is!

    Fi, would you expect anything but bright from me?!?! hehehehehe It wouldn't surprise you to know Lily has put in an order for one for her!!!

  9. Was gunna say orange too its a lovely jacket

  10. Orange! A jacket with that strong colours must have strong-coloured buttons :)

  11. It looks gorgeous. I prefer yellow buttons, but it could be because I'm getting overdosed on orange (as it is my husband's and daughter's favourite colour). Both colours look great.

    It usually takes me forever (and ever) to sew on buttons and block knitting and I've been procrastinating on knitting anything by EZ for few years now, despite loving her approach and books and patterns.

  12. Another vote for the orange buttons. The yellow buttons seem too bright and take attention away from the gorgeous sweater. Just made the February baby sweater doll sized (used thin yarn and tiny needles). It was very fun and quick to knit.

  13. either the photo colour is off in the yellow ones or the orange just look way way better.

  14. Love the orange buttons. Can't wait to try an EZ pattern.


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