Thursday, January 06, 2011

and now for something completely different

In my post holiday unpacking and cleaning avoidance I've been indulging in a little bit of blog surfing. Oh how I love a good crafty blog... I really think crafty blogs are the besets thing on the www. They're interesting, inspirational and, well...., you probably know all that.

Anyways, the point I'm getting to was that surfing around I noticed a common theme to the knitting blogs I read the most; the end of year yardage tallies and the
planned knits for 2011. So because I'm still avoiding some of the at unpacking and cleaning I thought I would indulge you with my yardage and to knit list.

Yardage knit for 2010:
18, 411 yards (that's nearly 17kms)
or in garment terms, 60 garments!
And you know what? With the exception of a short sleeved cardigan, three scarves, two beanies and a tea cosy; everything else was a kids knit.


so with that in mind my to knit list for 2011 is going to be a little indulgent, a little selfish and a little bit about ME!

(well, as much as knitting from stash will allow it [yes, yes, I'm pretending that I'm attempting to knit from stash again this year... the joke's on me..yes, I know])

hmm, so what would I like to knit for ME? Browsing my Rav queue elicits these suggestions:

1. Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.
I've wanted to knit this cardigan EVER since it came out. I even have the yarn to do so, some lovely Knittery Merino Lace.... it's just the prospect of balling over 1000 yards of lace weight yarn is a little daunting!!!

2. Kerrera by Gudrun Johnston
Another Cardigan I've had in my queue forever and also have the yarn for. I'm going to knit this in WOOLganics worsted. Just have to decide on the colour; Gondwana or Sangha. Hmm, perhaps the Gondwana and then I could use the Sangha for Gudrun's Shaldar

3. a new winter hat, something slouchy and comfy. maybe Rose Red or ripely.

4. some mitts, not really sure on contenders yet.
Any suggestions?

5. A little red cardigan; possibly lacy suitable for layering as well as over sundresses. maybe liesl

on the not so selfish front to the list needs to be added:

6. a school cardigan for Lily (Can't stand those horrible fading navy windcheater things that pass for school wear) Just need to find some navy organic yarn?? any suggestions??

7. A couple of skirt designs I'm already itching to get started on.

8. A couple of tops that ditto, I want to whip into shape.

9. Design my first adult garment. I have two contenders here.

10. A beautiful pair of embellished longies with chart from watermellish for Toby. His last pair of longs probably!

and that is it.

i'm sure there will be plenty more.

I wonder if I can crack the 20 000 yard mark.
And just how many garments I'll get made in 2011.

What's on your to knit list?

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  1. Ooh I hear you on the Whisper cardi! I have some lovely 100purewool laceweight that I bought with this in mind but I just can't face handwinding it to start!
    Red Rose is another one on my list too.
    I also want to attempt the February Lady sweater, about a year or two after everyone else in blogland.

  2. Shane says, I bet that was one enormous jumper when you were finished. He's very impressed by how much wool you used.

    And absolutely you can crack the 20,000!

    Can't wait to see your grown up goodies.

  3. I am knitting a Wispy from 100purewool lace at the moment. I too was having procrastinating thoughts about winding the wool. But using a wool winder and swift I had 200grams wound in under 30 minutes.

    I have Red Rose in my queue too and I love the look of Kerrera, off to queue it now!

  4. I must not start a new project until I finish all my other ones.I must not start a new project until I finish all my other ones.I must not start a new project until I finish all my other ones.I must not start a new project until I finish all my other ones.
    This is my mantra for the new year.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the 'for you' items this year and will pop up my hand to test the lady sized garments for you:) I would love to be organised this year and we find out in July where 2012 will take us and we might just be in your neighbourhood:) Will keep you informed.

  6. sorry but I am back at the 60 garments! thats more than 1 per week!

  7. Wow - I'm with Carolyn! 60'd take me a life time to knit that much I think! :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your progress tho.

  8. ooh Kylie, that would be very exciting if you moved down here!

    LOL 60 is very attainable when they're all kids knits; think about how quickly 100 - 200 g of 8ply knits up.
    oh, and I think one of those was a tea cosy too ;)

  9. Yes the tallies are fun! I love every item on your list. I can't wait to see your lacy little red cardigan :)

  10. Wonder if you'd be interested in the Crocus cardi (from the Brown Stitch on Rav)? That's on my list this year!
    Oh oh oh and I'd love to test-knit anything you design this year pretty please??


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