Thursday, January 27, 2011

creative space

I'm attempting to lose myself in a little distractive crafting today. This is possibly not helped by the fact that I left my knitting bag in our car, which Andy drove to Melbourne today.

Nor is it helped by the fact that my once glorious (perhaps a tad over-exaggerated) craft room now looks like this:

yep, it's become a boy's room.
Which I must say was FUN FUN FUN to set up!!!

But that meant all my craft stuff had to go somewhere... to the studio.
All my yarn and most of my fabric is now exceptionally well organized, if not a little out of my reach.

The idea seemed great at the time, but later when I realised I will actually probably need Andy to get down any of those boxes, it dawned on me that impromptu cast ons in the middle of the day are now going to be a thing of the past.

So up there we have fabric, yarn and patterns. There is a tub of my girly cottons down lower, as well as my roll of organic denim in my wardrobe and a wicker basket in Toby's room still with cords, stretch and other fabrics.

Eventually, a part of the studio will be mine, all mine. Until then, everything is packed awaiting the move out there.

My favourite little crafty space in the house today though is this one:

Who needs a play tent when you can make your own out of a piece of old tent?
It's hooked up to the guitar stand, my wooden bucket and an upright lamp. Ingenious!!!

more spaces over at kootoyoo

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  1. i am digging the impromptu tent, those are always the best! and I hope you get your craft space soon, I know how important it is to have your own little spot :)

  2. wow the bedroom is just so bright and happy! very cool!

  3. The room looks great, and fair enough for the distraction,
    Big hugs for you - on losing the craft room and everything else going on.

  4. Hello! The new boy's room looks lovely and happy! I hope you will have your craft things so that it's easy to work.
    What 'tikki' means to you? To me it's a 'stitch'!
    Sunny wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete! Teje

  5. Kid tent ingenuity is the BEST. Stashes filed away out of reach is the WORST. Impromptu cast-ons with dental floss (because that's all that's handy) is the PITS.


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