Thursday, May 03, 2007

working through my knitting pile

Slowly but surely, and am being very good and not starting anything new until all the old projects are finished. First up, finished these a little while ago; a pair of Perfection Pants longies in Utiku Seaweed 8ply for Asher. They have a graduated wide leg and I did a nice thick moss stitch leg cuff which will fit him folded up now and Megsie will be able to fold it down as he grows.

Next up two little Mini Wonder Soakers that are actually overdue birth gifts; the gifts are late not the babies by the way. I love this pattern and wish I had tried it out when Lily was younger as all her soakers would have been in this; it's such a great fit. The first is made from hand-dyed Treliske organic merino (it's for a little kiwi boy, well his mum is) and the second is made from Utiku Ocean and coincidentally, his dad is a New Zealander. Hence the choice of NZ yarns for these two items. Now for a little lanolin fest!!!!

And just to tempt me to chuck in my knitting pact this stunning yarn arrived in the mail today. This was dyed for me by the lovely Elissa at Monsterknits It's Four Bags Full Merino and is exactly as I imagined!!! Thanks so much Elissa, I am absolutely blown away by it!!! It is sooo gorgeous and you are so generous!! I am a huge fan of Monsterknits yarn, they just happen to be having a stocking at their ozebaby store tomorrow evening, check out some of their stunning colourways!!!!!

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  1. ohhh tikki!!!!!! i love love love them. your ace sis :D


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