Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poor Bish

This is Bish. She's one of Lily's favourite dolls, the others being Jemima and Costa Rica Doll (yes, that's what she calls her) Bish has been well loved, and Lily keeps complaining to me that "Oh dear, Bish has a sore leg". Of course, Andy ribs me and says poor little Lily, mummy can't even fix her dolly. Well, I'm pleased to report Bish's leg is all better, as is her arm... and her back. she is definitely well loved, shame about the quality of her.
And how did Bish get her name? well, she's had it for about a year I reckon. I asked once when Lily was younger and apparently it's the noise you make when you do a wee, "bish, bish, bish" hmmm....


  1. lach is gonna love that costa rica doll is a fav!
    good to see bish finally got seen to at dollie hospital

  2. oh tikki ive got bish's sister here, blond with a pink dress and blue striped legs/arms if she needs a friend!


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