Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And a little something I made earlier

I made this little dress about September last year, I was playing around with an idea I had but shelved it as I decided I didn't really like it. So it has hung in Lily's overstuffed cupboard ever since then and she might have worn it once or twice. Anyway, today she decided she'd like to wear it. And you know, I think I like it now!!! LOL It teams really well with her size 0 red pants that are now capris ~ not sure though about her choice of the gumboots with the outfit though.

And this darling shot is Lily giving her best smile, whenever I ask her to smile for the camera she does this, which is a "pig smile". I have no idea why!!!


  1. Oh that is just gorgeous!!!

    You are so blinkin' clever!!

    I love the boots, and the pig smile too LOL. You should see the cheesey's my kids pull when asked to pose... hilarious!!

    Oh and I sent you an email but not sure if my server is working okay at the moment... could you lmk if you got it? Seem to be sending lots and them not arriving LOL.


  2. When she outgrows it, let me know!
    I love cherries :D


  3. oh thats is just divine!!! interesting how something can grow on your when they ahve grow into it ;)


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