Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sparkle Little Pixie

Well, this little beauty is finished and pics taken. it has been so hard to get photos done this week with the dreary weather and rain... not that I'd complain about having rain!! Fabulous stuff even if it means all the metres of denim on my line today isn't drying!!!!!
I've had trouble really capturing the sparkle and prettiness of this fabric; might try a few more shots but otherwise I guess someone will get a nice surprise when it arrives!!!

I'm going to put this up with some old stock from my yahoo group and a pinnie that's being sold as a second. For dedicated readers of this blog (lol yeah, right) you may remember the saga of the ric rac rummage pinnie well, I've pulled part of it apart and resewn it, which has minimised some of the puckering but there is some still there; hence it being a second as I love this~ bit will do some more like this soon.

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