Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sometimes things get a bit forgotten....

I made this little reversible dress as part of a special custom some time ago. Of course, Lily also got one as I needed to create a new pattern. Hers is bright pink one side and has a Nancy Wolf teapot quilters fabric on the other side, but try as I might I couldn't find a picture of her in it. Might make her wear it tomorrow so I can take a photo. I meant to make some more of these, I even bought some fabrics specially for it and still have the set aside. I need to reduce my fabric stash, so I think it is high time I did some of these and some other little numbers to use up more of my quilters cotton. LOL
I've been trolling through some old photos lately looking for inspiration from past items, and finding things I've made one or two of and never more. Sometimes I just need to do some different things to keep the creative flow happening. So I guess there might be a few little different oddities on the horizons, some old styles being renewed and developed.

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