Monday, May 07, 2007

My to do list.. (sewing tasks for this week)

Ha ha like this will work, but hey, I'll humour myself and give it a go. I used to keep lots of to do lists, I even had a little notebook where I would write them donw, often I'd lose them though. On the top of one of my to do lists was 'find my lost to do list.' lol But this week I wish to accomplish the following

1. Finish custom pants order
2. make up some nice wipes for to the toilet for the litte toileting one
3. Finish the last of the ten pairs of pants ~ 2 to go
4. Decide on an outfit for Lily to wear to the wedding this weekend, and possibly make something. She could wear her organza and tulle skirt that I made for the last wedding, it's very cute with her painted tights underneath.
Maybe even make myself something ~ I've always wanted to make a KF dress, good chance to here ~ just to find a pattern for something autumnish and perfect for a Melbourne evening on a boat.~ ohh it's a cocktail party.
5. Make something really lovely from my cord stash ~ have a few ideas happening but not ready to share yet
6. Fleece longies
7. Work on my adult pinnie pattern (which will please Megsie no ends, no I haven't forgotten you!!) but I'm making the prototype for myself first. (well, actually this probably isn't going to get done at all, but I'm just going to put it out there anyway lol

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