Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And something for Miss Lily

I LOOOVE overalls, I even have a favourite pair of my own that I wear ;) I really like overalls on littlies, I think it's partly because I have fond memories of the Hoppers ones my mum used to dress me in as a kid, my favourite pair were a bright yellow pair.
Lily had a lovely pair of overalls as a bub, Asher has them now. But some of the other ones that have been handed down to her are a bit hmmmm... so I thought why don't I make her some? I approached this a little hesitantly, as sometimes homemade overalls can be a bit wrong... it really all depends on the cut and style. I think for homemade a 70s sort of cut works best, as it plays on a funky look.
Anyway, these are Lily's new overalls in denim. The fabric on the inner and pockets is an Ikea print that Megsie gave me. I wanted to used a fabric that was fairly gender neutral and could be mixed with any colour, originally I was just going to use it for the lining but it just seemed to work really well on the pockets so they got added too. Of course, it had to be finished off with bright yellow matching buttons. Yellow ricrac would have been pretty cute on the pockets, but I decided against it as this will get handed down to Asher Basher and I think the ric rac would be a bit girly.
They fit really well but as she only tried them on last night as I was getting the buttons positioned I don't have a picture of her in them, hopefully tomorrow she will deign to wear them. :D

And a new pinnie for Lily for the new season.. green denim with pink spotted lining and three pink butterflies appliqued on the front. Their antennaes are done in ric rac and it's finished with a pink trail to show where the butterflies are flying and bright pink buttons. Again no action shots yet, but it's really cute on. Lily refused to wear it today as it wasn't pink.... oh dear what have I created LOL


  1. They look great. We are huge fans of overalls here, they just look so cute on!

  2. Overalls are great on kids! Some, like you said, can be a bit dodgy... but I have been making some from an old 70's pattern that are working well. They look ace, Georgie! :o)

  3. oh tik i love those overalls. Looking forward to seeing some action shots. Are they a size 2? I think tully might need a pair too. Wanna draft me a pattern?

    I lovethat green denim number too. I hadn't realised the deinim would be so vibrant. i love it. Hope you got enough to make more.

    oh and i remember those yellow overalls. they were ace.

  4. Ah yes, see you've discovered the great overalls secret Sherrin, the 70s look is the way to go!!! Your overalls look grouse, I had a peep at them on your blog just now ;)


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