Monday, May 21, 2007

Been a while...

Gosh, so much seems to have been going on here but not that much really... if that makes sense. I seem to be sewing but not really accomplishing much. I'm trying to make some clothes for Lily as she is toilet learning and only wearing nappies outside of the house sometimes, that and the fact that she has grown substantially taller means that many of her trousers are either too big or too short.

Feeling the cord love again I made her these ruby red flared cords, mmm. The pockets are a blue drill trimmed with a vintage ribbon. Shame they don't really go with the brown hoodie but oh well, she's happy.

I also have in the works for her a green denim pinnie and a pair of denim overalls, very funky, but both need some buttons to be finished off.

Also been doing some customs and instocks. Here's a sneak peak of three pants; 2 are instocks and one are a custom. Gosh, they are gorgeous fabrics!!!


  1. the shells tikki!!!!!!!! you know i love those shells. Asher really needs some of those tik:D please...pretty please

    i love the cut of those cords too tik.

  2. Love the cords so cute!!

    Know the joy here of teeny tiny botts that don't hold up pants without a nappy, combined with long legs!

    FWIW the pants you made Miss Em fit her absolutely perfectly! Love them to bits!!

    Meanwhile when next I see you I just want to gaze upon your fabric stash for a few days! Cripes I love your taste in prints... deadset stunning!


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