Tuesday, June 02, 2009

it's longies time

The little boy is growing so very very fast and is outgrowing all his longies, so it is time for a bit of a longathon; a longie knitting marathon. Unfortunately, I don't really have the time to knit longies at the moment as I'm desperately trying to get the milo pattern ready for release this week.  

But I have managed to knit up this one pair of longies though, a quick knit in BFL Aran; colourway Tannenbaum.  
The pattern I used is a relatively new one in the world of longies pattern.  I have my favourite pattern which is a bit of a hybrid of all the different things I like in a longie pattern but I must admit to a little addiction in knitting different longies patterns; I don't know why I feel the need to try out so many different patterns but I do. 

Anyhoo, back to the pattern, which I must say I like. It's the Looking Glass Longies pattern by Kelly Brooker.  You might remember me raving about Kelly's Vanilla soaker pattern earlier in the piece, but then again maybe you don't.  

This pattern again challenges the conventional construction of longies and requires no grafting; which is great for people who don't like grafting. Just between you and me, I am pretty shit hot at grafting and gain great satisfaction creating the perfect graft line in the crotch; hell, you should see me do a ribbed crotch!! ... sublime.

So despite the lack of self gratifying back slapping, I do really really like this pattern and the shaping of these little duds and would definitely knit it again :D

LOVE the ribbing on the hips, 
love the shape of the gusset, 
love the width of the legs
love the colour of the yarn
love the softness of the yarn

but most of all, 

I love the little dude in them!  

he melts my heart about a million times a day with his grins.


  1. Cluck cluck cluck! He's just adorable!! The longies are pretty cool, too :P

  2. Love those longies! Actually you've inspired me... I ought to feature Kelly's fabulous patterns on my blog The Nappy Spot (www.thenappyspot.blogspot.com)!

  3. Just gorgeous Tikki :) BFL is awesome for longies and that pattern looks great. Shame we have no need for longies anymore. You Toby is such a cutie :)
    BTW - get cracking on that Milo pattern pretty please - my Toby needs a vest!

  4. damn tik that boy is looking more and more grown up AND like his dad. Don't think there's too much nico in him.
    And how about that tee:O my goodness you better not be bringing that into my house as i know ash will be trying to squeeze into it. Oh and of course the longies are awesome

  5. oh he is just a darling. lol he has a very contagious smile, everyone who sees him grin catches themselves grinning foolishly back and considering more kiddies lol

  6. Damm he is cute!! Love his shirt too, you've made a great set

  7. Far out he is growing up so fast!! What a handsome wee thing he is. Oh and cute longies too :)

  8. So cute that Toby!
    Love the Longies, especially the colour-just fabulous!
    I'm hoping to try some soon-1st time for me.

  9. These are fabulous! He couldn't be more cute.

  10. Oh so gorgeous... as always!


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