Thursday, May 28, 2009

my, errr umm, her creative space...

Lily overheard Andy and I talking to some friends about homeschooling one evening over dinner. Obviously the concept quite took her fancy; this is after all, the girl who has no interest whatsoever in going to kindy (unless it's with Tully). She asked lots of questions about homeschooling and decided it was for her. So now most days I'm greeted with the question, "What activities can we do in homeschool today?" It's a game I'm more than happy to oblige with and we've been having a load of fun.

Here she is on her first day at homeschool. What you can't see is her little red kilt, she chose to dress in her "school girl" outfit for the occasion.  It was a very industrious session indeed involving lots of writing, shapes, drawing and cutting and pasting.  Cutting and pasting is a favourite at homeschool.
And for her homeschool I couldn't resist these gorgeous metal pencil containers from Smiggle. I've been wanting some of this type of thing for ages and was very excited to find them in Smiggle. I heart Smiggle.
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I promise to do a grown up creative space next time :)


  1. Must be the age - Amelia has me doing things with her everyday at the moment too - Playschool used to give me 30mins in the mornings to get dressed, brush my teeth and make the beds - now it creates 4 hours of work LOL!

  2. Sweet - homeschool is fun. My smallest is all about the home office now.

  3. i heart those smiggle containers too!! Now here did yo find them tik and can you get me some too please:D pretty please:D

  4. She looks very industrious. My eldest discovered that the boys next door are homeschooled so we went through a phase where she had to be homeschooled after school each day.

  5. Oh, we are big fans of cutting, pasting and collage around here too. The best part is the stories that come with each purposeful placing of hacked out cupcake, horse, banana etc. Very entertaining!


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