Saturday, June 27, 2009

must be love.. at last

it seems like megs and i have been talking about and working towards this stocking for about three years; in reality it's probably been nearly four months!!  goodness, it's taken us awhile.  i don't think i've really done a proper stocking since toby was born, so it's been awhile which does make me a little nervous.

this socking is the first with some of my knits too; all from my own patterns ... which I'm also a little nervous about having never sold my knitting before.

so this stocking is all about local love; with the inspiration coming from firstly from all those wonderful Australian fabric designers whose wares I would otherwise probably just hoard to look at and pat. so here's some pics of my part of the stocking, you can see the rest over at the store, all going live at 8:30pm tonight (just before the Bill starts ;))

Rainbow Dress, size 3 months in pear tree supersoft merino

Milo vest, size 6 months in pear tree yarn denim.

Denim skirt, size 2-4 with pockets in Pippijoe's Spot flower.

Black denim wide leg pants, size 2 with pockets in Kristen Doran's Molly birds.

Milo vest size 3 months in Jo Sharp Silkroad DK, treasure colourway.

Denim bootlegs, size 1 with pockets in Kristen Doran's Lily pads.

Black hemp wide leg pants, size 3 with pockets in Pippijoe's Leaftree.

Drill wide leg pants, size 2 with pockets in Tegan Rose's Antique Keys.

Denim bootlegs, size 0 with pockets in Hollabee's Sumar.


  1. Just stunning! I love it all :)

  2. You are amazing how much you achieve with two young children and I thought that I got some things done. Here you are clothing your children and others - well done.


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