Saturday, June 06, 2009


I've just put up my first knitting pattern for sale, yep, to sell.
It's a tad exciting but I'm also a little nervous, you know, will people buy it?  Will they like it?
It's different from a free pattern , hell yeah.

so in case you're wondering what it is, it's the milo vest pattern.  

I've been knitting a few of these babies lately...
Pattern details:

milo is a quick and simple knit, so easy a beginner could tackle it.

Knit seamlessly in the round from the top down on circular needles, it eliminates that sticking point for many knitters; seaming!!! Yep, no seaming at all to be done here.  

milo is a great little vest for boys and girls alike, it comes in 9 sizings, from newborn (15 inch chest) to size 4 (23 inch chest).  The pattern includes options for five different cables, including the popular owl cable.  You can knit a different milo for every day of the working week.


Designed for 8 ply yarn, this is a great stash buster. The smaller sizes can be knit with just 50 grams of yarn.  It is easily knit on a pair of 4mm 40 cm circular needles. 

The 11 page pattern also comes with a photo tutorial which helps you create neat underarm cast offs.


So where can you get it?
available at all good pattern pdf stores; ie. Rav or my ozebaby store.  (see links over there in the sidebar)

and big thanks to the six people who have already bought it today. Wooot!!!


  1. of course we will buy it !!!!!!!

  2. This will be perfect for a little person I am planning to knit for! gorgeous!

  3. I bought it! I've had the yarn sitting here waiting since Tuesday :)
    Well done Tikki. The pattern looks great and so much detail. From a novice knitter thank you :)

  4. Congratulations :) It's nice to see your hard work pay off and I'm sure there will be no hassle in sales coming in... I would add my name to the list if only I could knit ;)

    Good luck with it all
    I'm sure there will be many a shared pic of a 'Milo' over the next weeks and months.


  5. awesome awesome awesome! gee i'm proud of ya tik! And way excited about Asher's owl milo!!!!!

  6. Congratulations, great to see you venturing into pay for patterns, you deserve something back :)

  7. I LOVE it! Go you! If only I could think up my own line of patterns then perhaps I could afford to keep buying all the knitting paraphenalia I *NEED* ;) But congratulations and well done! Another gorgeous pattern and about time you started getting some pocket money for all your time and creativity :)

  8. thanks everyone for your support!!!

    The response has been fabulous and a little overwhelming

  9. Yay Tikki!!!! I'm so excited for you! Size 4 huh? I think my aunty NEEDS to knit one for the Tatieboy :D
    Good work lady!

  10. I've been following the development of Milo and desperately hoping it would come out in a size big enough for my little lady and yay! it has!
    Just going through the checkout now but have already got the yarn & needles ready! Can't wait to knit this one up - now I just need to decide on which cable to do!

  11. Oh yay - I will be buying it once I have finished a few of the things currently on the needles - I agree - you deserve something back from all your previous free pattern love.


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