Sunday, June 28, 2009

the rainbow connection

having just typed that post title, I'm now sitting here singing,
 "some day we'll find it, 
the rainbow connection,
the lovers, the dreamers and me,
la de da da de ...."
and thinking about kermit the frog.  Does anyone else remember kermit singing that song on the muppets? or am I just, well, odd?
so I was  doing some blog surfing, looking at my cute little niece and realised I haven't blogged Lily's new rainbow dress.  This was the nearly the rainbow dress that wasn't.  I was stoked to score this awesome yarn from Jolly Jumbuck and excitedly showed Lily.  She did not share my excitement. In fact, she didn't like it at all.  Why?  It had black in it *sigh* and apparently she doesn't like black; well, that week anyway.  Her colour dislikes can be rather fickle.

So this beautiful yarn sat in my stash for a while, and try as I may I could not convince her that it would make an awesome dress.  

It was only when I made Miss Zoe a little rainbow dress that Lily's thinking shifted and she decided that yes, she would like a black rainbow dress. Silent squeals of delight from me.  I even showed her two choices of colour for the bodice; hot pink and black, and she chose black!  Yep, black!!!! It nearly bowled me over but I'm glad she did because I love love love it!!!

I've been busy on the rainbow dress knitting front,  all part of testing the pattern for re-release with loads of options and some improvements to the pattern.  Sage scored one and our other little niece Piper's is nearly finished too.  Lily's Aurora barbie got a new one too and there was one in the local love stocking. pics of those I haven't shared tomorrow.
or you can check out Sage and Zoe's here and here. 

Project specs
Pattern: Rainbow dress
Needles: 4mm
Yarn: Jolly Jumbuck Black Rainbow on 'Freya' dk, 200g.
WOOLganics 8 ply, Leura, 50g
mods: size 2 knit to size 4ish length, extra length in bodice, ruffled hem option 2 variation from pattern.  63cm in length 


  1. The rainbow dress looks fabulous. I like black too and my daugher has reached the stage where she loves it too, although not everything thank goodness. I do remember Kermit singing that song too, or perhaps I am just admitting to how old I am!

  2. The dress is gorgeous! I love that yarn...if only I could get away with wearing it!!

    And, yes I remember Kermit singing that song too!

  3. Just gorgeous! I love the rainbow dress :) Lily just spotted the pic and said 'Look mummy, a fairy!' lol.

  4. aww good choice on the black. I think the dress is stunning, just like the little miss wearing it ;)

  5. aww good choice on the black. I think the dress is stunning, just like the little miss wearing it ;)

  6. I have Kermit singing 'The Rainbow Connection' on my iPod... true!

    Another gorgeous creation BTW!

  7. One of my favourite songs :) I'm particularly fond of the banjo LOL The inner country hick coming out in me ;)

  8. Oh my gosh that is a freaking cool dress!!! the colours blow me away! just gorgoues

  9. I LOVE that song and your dresses.


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