Sunday, June 07, 2009

lily loves milo

After seeing Toby's milo vest Lily insisted upon one of her own, not one to miss out on anything is our Lil.  So off we went to visit one of our LYS. We conned the Daddio into a drive down to Torquay for lunch at Pear Tree cafe, a visit to the kiddie shop Melon Baby (to pick up a snow dome ~ seriously, the ladies there are awesome and go way out of their way to help) and of course, a stop off at Pear Tree yarn shop itself.  

I asked Lily to choose the yarn from the new colours they have in, all very very scrummy and oh soooo soft. Did you know they now have 10 ply?  Anyway, her choice was not what I expected at all.  Princesses usually choose pink, four year olds usually choose pink. But nooooo. Lily, for reasons known only to herself, said a no to the pink and chose the grass green instead.   Actually, I think sibling bond thing she's got going with Toby made her want the same colour as him.
So home we came with 2 skeins of grass green super soft merino. ahhh, bliss... 
The combination of addi turbo needles and this yarn really is just super pleasurable knitting. It's almost a shame to come to the end. But I did. And it only used one skein of the yarn so I still have the other to knit up.

And this is Lily's milo, which she does love. And which does look super cute on her.
I used the horseshoe cable option and finished it with the more feminine hem finishing; details in the pattern. ;)


  1. The vest looks gorgeous - as does miss Lily.
    My little pink princess is also a fan of green - particularly pink and green together, or alternatively pink and orange together!

  2. Gorgeous :)
    Might have to knit one for Laila but the cable part scares me as I'm still a bit of a beginner.

  3. absolutely gorgeous, I bought this one a few days ago and can't wait to give it a try..lily looks fabulous in green

  4. How convenient. Now you can hand it down. ;)

  5. Gorgeous! Miss Lily has great taste in yarn. I've just cast on a Milo for Toby :)


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