Monday, March 02, 2009

ok. so now it's monday....

WARNING:  gushing mummy post to follow...

but isn't he just cute cute cute!!!
well, I think so and he adores me so that's pretty spesh!!!
Anyhoo, apart from an overload of some rather cute pics of my little fellow and some randomgushiness about him growing up sooo very quickly, there is some crafty goodness to be had here. 

Firstly, I've probably oohed this before but check out this gorgeous shawl Tobias is on.  It's my mum's handiwork, and it is a very loved piece here.  It's the Heirloom Shawl, although I'm sure I've heard Mum refer to it as the Lady Di shawl.  Mum has knitted beautiful white shawls for each of her grandkiddy families; five in total. 
Those Ravellers out there may have noticed this cute little derriere popping up in their friends' page; I certainly hope so. The reason for that is that this pic of Toby graces a wonderful new soaker pattern; the Vanilla Soaker by Kelly Brooker. (rav link) I was lucky enough to test knit for Kelly and took these photos about a month ago when we still counted Toby's age in weeks; I think he was about 12 weeks there.  Kelly has just released this pattern so now I can share these cute pics.

It's a terrific little pattern, and one I'll be recommending for all beginners, as well as those seasoned knitters.  It has a wonderful ribbed crotch, but is without the one thing that sends many knitters batty when facing a ribbed crotch ~ there is no grafting!!!  It's also completely seamless; noice!!

It makes my day to see Toby's butt popping up all over Rav; so go on, go and queue the vanilla soaker now.

In case you're wondering; pattern specs:

Yarn: WOOLganic 8 ply merino in 'Gondwana'
Needles: 4mm and 2.75mm
Size: newborn

OK, so now here comes the ramblings of a mummy, look away if you need to.

For fear of jinxing myself, I haven't really said it before, but Tobias is an awesome bub. He's so settled, happy and content. He loves nothing more than to giggle or grin at you. Lately, his giggle is becoming a bit of a raucous almost shout as he discovers the power of vocalising LOUD!! It really does get every one's attention!!!

I remember when he was a little one, well littler than now, and I would get asked how he was going, and was I getting any sleep. There were people that seem almost annoyed or put out, when I said he was fabulous and very settled and yes, getting plenty of sleep. They'd almost huff and say, "that'll change at about 6 weeks".  What's with that?

Well, it did change. He just got more settled and content after six weeks!!

Anyway, my darling little Toby keep sleeping beautifully, smiling that sunshine smile, and laughing joy into my day. I love you.

Man, I can't believe how much he's grown in the month since these photos were taken, he has loads of new tricks now. But I think I'll save that for another post.... it's nearly Tuesday and I need to work on some of that Kauni yarn before sleeping.

awwww, he's cute!!


  1. He is cute :) I love the green soaker, it looks amazing - If only I was still knitting soakers, but Hamish is almost in jocks these days. Almost.....
    You sound like a typical gushy happy mummy of two. Well done!

  2. He looks so gorgeous Tikki. Love the soaker, we are out of soakers here :(

  3. Oh, he's such a little darling!
    I love that soaker, may have to try it, non knitter that I am!

  4. /he sure is a cheery little dude george:) Love that soaker.... I'm a bit sad that you didn't leave it behind!
    oh and correction on the amount of shawls Annie has made:D I've got two :0 I must be the fav;)

  5. I'm sure that soaker will be Sage's soon enough Megsie, I'm going to knit Toby a new one in the next week or so.

    re; shawls but did Mum GIVE you the second one, or did you ask for it after seeing it? LOL :P I actually think J might have a second for all those kiddies of hers too ;)

  6. Aww he's just gorgeous, well done Mum!


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