Friday, June 26, 2009

my creative space ... albeit a little late

but hey, better late than never! 

Yesterday, not much happening in my space, I went shopping with my mum and the kiddies. (Why do shopping centres have to have the heating so damn hot that you can barely enter the stores and you come home with a cracking headache and dehydrated.  Perfect breeding ground for swine flu, really.)

I've been hitting the machines today trying, oh so much, to get everything ready for our local love stocking. And yes, it has been coming, coming, coming for such a very very long time now. But the date is set and most of it is ready to go, just some last minute finishing to go now and I'll be ready.  Pssst, it's tomorrow night in case you're wondering.

Today Andy said he would look after the kiddies while I sewed. But it wasn't too long and I had the Rainbow girl at my feet attempting to hand sew a kit bag and the little one on my back.  It is more challenging to sew with him on there, particularly when he bounces up and down and pulls my hair, but doable ;)  

It's 6 pm now and I've missed the light today for photos so previews tomorrow.  The kidlets are both asleep *shock horror* which makes me sound like we're astoundingly organised parents but sadly not so. Toby went to sleep about half an hour ago after a couple of catnaps today and after putting him down I found Lily curled up in bed where she was pretending to be sick earlier. Luckily she scoffed a sandwich and a half about an hour ago. I'm sure there will be shenanigans from both of them in a hour or two, no doubt LOL. Man, it's quiet....  Ok going to sew a bit more while I can and the adventure boy battles it out in the kitchen creating a culinary delight as only he can; *cough cough* warming soup and making cheese on toast. 

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oh, and in case you're wondering, I did get the glue off the wall!!! Hooray!!! I ripped *eek* the pictures off and then used a spray water bottle to dampen the leftover paper and glue which I carefully scraped off with a rag and my fingernails. 


  1. i love this photo - so beautiful and truly capture the essence of a mother - we can do ANYTHING with kids tied, strapped, slinged to us. my husband can't hang out washing if he is minding one child???

  2. Just goes to show what us mothers can do if we have/need to. Great picture of your creative space.

  3. That's a very cute photo of the two of you together! :-)


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