Thursday, March 05, 2009

where's the sewing gone?

If you've been thinking there's not a great deal of sewing going on here you'd be right. It's not for a want of trying; it seems somewhat fateful that as soon as I escape to my sewing room, drag out some fabric and sit down to indulge myself and breathe that familiar sigh of contentment, I'm needed. Insert other familiar sigh here.  It's much much easier to grab a few minutes here and there to pick up my knitting needles.  

 I'm no longer in the frame where I can do late night sewing, not when I have interrupted sleep at night. Toby is a great sleeper, and goes straight back to sleep after a feed but the mindset of an interrupted night is still there. Lily still wanders in each night too, and it's very cosy with the four of us by morning time.

So if you visit my craft room, this is more than likely what you'll find.
there have been a few small projects that have managed to eek their way out;

a crayon/pencil roll for a little friend's second birthday
and a much needed new pin cushion in some lovely Sis Boom fabric scraps.

And I must admit I do have another project to send off to someone this week, and a larger more self indulgent project on the go. 

But this awaits and calls me, all new additions, all prewashed and ready to be sewn. *sigh* 
I told Andy I was going to have a cut out day one day this week, he laughed at me and reminded me what cut out day is in a shearing shed; the end of shearing that particular shed and time to get on the turps.   That would be even more unproductive I think!!!

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  1. Knitting is alot easier when you get 2 bubbbies right?
    My sewing machine is horribly neglected now - it gets pulled out for patch up jobs and thats about it.


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