Sunday, March 08, 2009

fair fun Sunday

The primary schools around here love a good fair. They particularly love a good fair that has some kind of fruity theme to it, strawberries, apples, doesn't matter if there's none of the fruit actually at the fair itself; fruity fairs seem to be all the rage in primary school circles.

Today we had a lovely family fun day and visited the Apple Fair, where incidentally there were bags of apples being sold as well as an odd looking man wandering around dressed as an apple. Why it's the apple fair, I do not know but it was a fun day nonetheless and a big hit with Miss Rainbow.

There were rides to be had (with Daddy of course hehehe);

face painting;
and of course, the obligatory baby animal enclosure, which is always a big hit with the rainbow girl. 
The favourite animal being the pig ;)


  1. Looks like such fun and lily looks so grown up now in her big cowboy hat

  2. Love the hat ;-) Lily is looking so grown up these days. The oriental lily is looking great as well.

  3. So cute in the hat!!
    We didn't go, but were outside when the rides were on the way home (on the back of the trucks) T REALLY wanted to ride on the teacups...


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