Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the afternoon project that took two months to complete...

You know how it is, we've all got one of these.

One Sunday early in January Andy was off doing some random blokey stuff, probably involving spearguns, boats and underwater video cameras; I was feeling a little nonplussed so decided on the spur of the moment I was going to make a mei tai. And I was going to make it completely from stash, I probably didn't have any choice truth be known, as Andy would have had the car no doubt. So after rummaging around I came up with two options of fabric heavy enough for the mei tai; black or this really lovely blue. Anyone who knows me well will know the choice was a no brainer; black is so boring!!

The problem was however, finding a coordinating fabric. This blue is quite distinct, and it was quite tricky finding a fabric with exactly the right tone of blue to match. This Cosmos mushroom fabric was pretty much the only one. I have a couple of the mushrooms colourways in my stash, but it was only this pinky one that had the right matching tone of blue.  I was a little hesitant about the mushroom fabric as the lovely Mel from Beetlebums has made a mei tai using the mushroom fabric, but it was the only fabric that was right tonally and I really didn't want to have to wait to get it done, how little did I know at that time. It can't be helped if we both have such good taste in fabrics. This looks quite different from Mel's anyways.... 

So then I preceded to find a pattern and cut all the fabric out.  

I chose the Hood to HeadRest Mei Tai pattern and tute to follow as given Toby was less than 2 months old when I started this I thought the headrest was a good feature for him. After cutting the base fabric, the decorator fabric and the wadding for the padding, I was interrupted by the sweet ones.
Periodically, I have been attempting to get this finished. I seem to be able to steal little snatches of time here and there in the day, but haven't really had the opportunity to sit down for a long stretch and really finish off this baby. Every time I got on a roll with it, one of the bubs would want me. 
After a while, I must admit I just wanted to finish it and I was probably less the perfectionist than I usually would be with sewing, but hey it's finished, it's functional, and it's pretty cool!
and Toby and Lily have both given it the big tick of approval :D
I also managed to finish some other sewing off today, hooray!! Something that is being sent off in the mail this week.  But I'm going to save that for another post, so I have something to talk about for the rest of March LOL  

Now, if only I can get some sewing done for the shop!!!!


  1. Ha ha ha! That's too cute! I made the exact same mei tai last week from another of those mushroom fabrics. I really should get around to blogging about it.

    I like yours with the pink mushrooms and the light blue better than my colour choices (brown mushrooms and brown drill) but I was obliged to make something DH would agree to wear too.

  2. That's just gorgeous! Love it :)

  3. OOOOH Tik it is gorgeous!!!! Well done :D.

    And dont hesitate to use ANY fabric on my behalf hon - thats just plain naughty :P


  4. wow Tik I think that looks AWESOME! Wish I could sew!

  5. It is lovely, well worth the wait!

  6. That is gorgeous, I love the mushroom fabric. Well done :D


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