Saturday, March 07, 2009

favourite chair

Do you have a favourite chair?  
A favourite place to sit and ponder or escape?

I think this chair would have to be mine.  It was my grandmother's and I've spent a good deal of time in it with both my babies; rocking them to sleep, feeding, reading stories, baby gazing, and just generally soaking up their beauty.  Blissful moments.  I've just been sitting there now soothing the little koala baby off to sleep in the peace of a quiet house, everyone else is already snuggled up asleep. I'll have to snuggle in and find a place for myself later in that big bed. 

It's amazing how something as simple as changing a doona cover can change the whole feel of a bed. We usually have a bright red dominated stripey Sheridan cover or a blue fishy one on our bed, but this week I decided to swap it for a cream and blue chambray pinstriped one I found in the back of the linen press I'd forgotten we'd even had.  It seems so much cosier and welcoming I think I'll stick with it for a while.  It has a real snuggle factor; even with losing two of the many  pillows that used to grace our bed. Now I'm imagining some extra special cushion and pillow covers to finish it all off.

Share your favourite chair too :)  

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