Friday, March 06, 2009

growing up with allergies and catching on too quick

Lily's been aware of allergies from a fairly young age. Her father has several allergies as do many members of his family. During pregnancy and from birth we followed what was considered best practice at the time in terms of allergy prevention. We delayed introduction to the major food allergens and minimised contact with chemicals.  The only food allergen she is yet to encounter is nuts, and so far she has been all clear.  Those familiar with allergy research will know that there is currently changing thoughts and debate with regard to the best approach in attempting to prevent allergies, but that's a whole other post ;)

The good thing about this awareness is that firstly, she understands about the very real prospect of allergies and doesn't see it as unusual or an issue; she just accepts that's the way it is.  I like that when she goes off to kindy and school (god forbid!) that she will understand about other kids in her class if they have allergies and hopefully be supportive of them. It won't be a weird or foreign concept to her.  She's very considerate of her father's eating habits and has been heard to tell him not to touch the eggs as he's allergic to them.

The downside to this awareness is that she's caught on a little too young as to how she can use this to her advantage.  Lily has a dislike for avocado, which is odd as she adored it as a baby.  We certainly don't force it on her, infact, we don't even offer it to her anymore. The other day however, she tells me, "Mum, I can't eat avocado."
"Why not, Lily?"
"I'm allergic to it," she tells me.
"No you're not," I reply, "You just don't like it."
"No Mum, I'm allergic. It makes my throat sore."

hmmm, think she's been taking in a little bit too much. 
A sore throat is exactly what Andy told her his reaction to eggs is.  

You can see exactly where this is heading... 

Yep, I've been told she's allergic to tidying up her toys, it makes her cough!!!!

And because a post this long needs a picture, here's a photo from last August of Lily getting ready to go to her music class. And yes, she is the only kid in her class who wears a Nirvana tshirt, or as she calls it; her 'Happy and You Know it' tshirt.  How ironic!


  1. They do catch on quickly don't they lol!!

    Love the allergic to picking up toys comment :)

  2. LoL we have that too. N3 is gluten dairy and soy free and we tell her 'it will hurt your tummy' so now when she doesnt want to eat her dinner (or anything else, including tidying up) - we get back 'it will hurt my tummy' LoL. They DO catch on quick


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