Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Today is a day of Total Fire Ban in Victoria

It's over three weeks since Black Saturday and still there are four major fires in Victoria. Today was forecast to be another extreme fire danger day; we've had quite a few of these lately. This one came complete with an SMS from the Victorian Police warning of the dangers the weather posed today.  

It was so very very still when I went to bed last night. We were expecting to awake to ferocious winds, instead the unfamiliar sound of rain tinkling on the roof greeted us.  Relief!  But the winds did kick in and we experienced some of the weirdest wild weather here today. Winds of 50kmh with stronger gusts interspersed with showers sprinkling; it truly felt like we were on the edge of a tropical cyclone.  1oo new fires started today but luckily they were all quickly contained. There have been over 4000 new fires in Victoria since Black Saturday; that figure just blows me away.  

Here's hoping that these horrible winds don't cause too much grief for the CFA firefighters. Here's hoping this really is the last of this weather.

There was a great outpouring of support immediately after Black Saturday, but as time moves on I think we sometimes forget that there are still people here who are still daily facing the very real prospect of bushfires and have done so for weeks.  They can't just turn off the tv to escape it. They can't move on from it just yet. And neither should we.

We've got some new auctions up on the Bushfire Relief  ozebaby store with more to come.  Please continue your support for those who have lost so much.

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