Friday, March 13, 2009

man, I'm on a roll...

with running out of yarn while casting off!!!!!

ARGGHHHH!! two projects in a row, can you believe it. 

I was just casting off a full ruffled hem on this rainbow dress and ran out of yarn half way around.  Yes, I should know better, I should measure my yarn to see how much is left but it's much more fun living dangerously.  It's so exciting when you finish casting off and you have just a skeric of yarn left. Thrilling even.

This one will be ripped back a few rows though and finished off tomorrow night.

I think it's time I stopped living on the edge and pushing my yarn yardage to the limit LOL

now knitting project that I will have at least 100grams yarn leftover.


  1. Oh my not again, Love all the colours!

  2. lol, I love the idea of living dangerously while knitting, though it kind of sucks running out right at the end..

  3. Haha, doing your own version of 'knitting on the edge' huh. Lovely colours in teh rainbow dress :d

  4. Beautiful, beautiful colours! I LOVE!!

    Knitting on the edge-heh!


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