Saturday, October 27, 2007

Woolly goodness

I love buying stuff from other WAHPs, there are some really talented crafters and artisans out there making some really unique and beautiful products. And this is from one of my favourites, the super talented mumma Michelle from The Woolly Tree. I really love crochet, the fabric it creates has such a beautiful whimsical feel to it, it really appeals to me.

I realised the other day when I was attempting to crochet that not only do I crochet left handed but I think I wrap the wool the wrong way. Or maybe because I'm left handed I need to do everything in a mirror image... it got too complicated to think about , so I gave up !!

Much easier to buy beautiful stuff like this, that is perfectly crocheted.

It's just perfect for Lily, but how grown up does the little 2 and a half year old look!!!

I love how Michelle's crochet pieces are really unique and are really reflective of her style. Her work is very distinctive. Have a look at some of the other pieces she has created on her site.

Really, that's probably a good lesson for anyone wanting to start out in the WAHP world, develop your own style, create pieces that are distinctively yours and can't be mistaken for other's work; much more satisfying than mirroring or borrowing someone else's style. :)

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