Sunday, October 21, 2007

some overdue pics

of our recent trip to the bush block with the pint family.

Photo heavy post coming up but they are very cute kids!!!!

hmm, do I need to narrate? Maybe a little ....

so we spent a week in the recent school holidays at our family bush block, given the drought conditions gripping that part of Victoria we really weren't expecting the weather we got... a week of rain!!! It was fabulous, although it did limit our outdoor activities a little. we did get out when we could but there is definitely something special about sitting in front of a fire listening to the rain splashing down on a tin roof, and looking out on bush surroundings for as far as you can. You may have noticed from an earlier post I got quite a bit of knitting done due to the weather. Megsie made quite a few hairclips!!!

When we did get outdoors, kiddies decked out in the appropriate wet weather gear, they managed to find every puddle there was!

starting out small.....

working up to the bigger..

we took a walk up to an old beekeeper's shack on the back of the block, which Lily told us she didn't want to live in. The best friends

sharing yet another cute kiss

finding some bigger puddles

and indulging in a bit of rural gazing out to the Grampians

This is Lily's Pa's first wood mill, now resurrected as a train for the kiddies. They all climbed on and we pushed them up and down the five or so metres of track about a million times.

a wayward train carriage that Asher just couldn't get going

and some more puddles (just look at how much Tully is getting into it LOL)

Off on yet another walk for a few hours over to the other dam on the block

and to check out the native orchids, a bit special apparently

time for some indoor activities, bakking with Megsie.... choc chip cookies of course!

althoug I suspect more spoon licking went on than actual helping

At least Asher found somethng more appropriate for his mouth

And what's a trip to the bush without the obligatory perched on a rockface shot!


  1. What a great holiday, the children are so cute. My it looks wonderful I would move their immediately! Rotten working for a living really gets in the way sometimes doesn't it!

  2. thanks so much for posting these tik! love love love them. my favs are theg orgoeus little best friends holding hands, asher playing the harmonica and lily engulfing the spoon! how big is her mouth lol.
    such a cool holiday :D


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