Saturday, October 13, 2007

toddlers are the best!

I love toddlers, always have! Before we had kids I had this running joke with my mum that if we had kids she could look after them for the the first couple of years and then hand them back when they became fun at around two. I never could see what the fuss about little babies was until we had Lily; I mean they never really did anything interesting LOL Toddlers on the other hand are funny little things, great senses of humour, I love the way you can be having a seemingly normal conversation and they will just come out with something totally left field. They're so easy to lead astray and it is sort of funny the way they just can't control their behaviour at times.

Now I have a toddler of my own, and man is she a little character. Sometimes she is just so whack it's hilarious. She takes a great deal of amusement in farts, which would have made my dad chuckle no end. She is as cheeky as anything and when she gets going is a real chatterbox, she can even out talk her very verbose Uncle Tim!! Every day she comes out with something so ridiculously funny, I wish I could remember them all... some recent favourites that reinforce why toddlers are so fun...

Lily: Mummy, can you carry my dolly?
Me: Lily, you can carry it, honey.
Lily: No, Mummy you carry it.
Me: What do you think I am, your slave?
Lily: Mummy, are you daddy's slave?
I so felt like saying, Sometimes it feels like it.... but I resisted LOL

Lily is always trying to get someone to carry something for her, usually a bunch of her toys she is carting around. Usually when I ask her why she can't carry it her response is, "cos my arms are broken off."

Lily likes shops, not really sure why. She particularly likes shoe shops. She has turned the walk in robe in our bedroom into her shop form which she sells us our own shoes.
Last night I was in my sewing room, sewing strangely enough and in she walks with her "shopping bag". "Good day," says Lily and starts oohing and aahing over some fabric and then yarn. She selects some fabric from box of vintage fabric awaiting washing and a couple of hanks of yarns from a basket. "thanks for the wool and fabric, see you another day" she says and waltzes out to the loungeroom where she dumps it in the middle of the room.
"what are you doing?" asks Andy.
"Shopping in the wool shop," she says!!!

When she counts Lily usually forgets 5, she says, "1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 , 9, 10" to which I usually say, "what happened to number 5? Did you lose it?" The other day she was counting and I heard "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10" she then exclaims, "Mummy, I found number 5!!" very proud of herself.


  1. i agree that dad would have definitely loved her fart humour!

  2. Funny enough, J lost 5 for the longest time too! It is only quite recently that he finds it again!

    Gorgeous girl you have there :D

  3. Oh aren't they just the best! If only they stayed that sweet and innocent ;-)
    Rhiannong LOVES to shop too, but she makes us buy stuff from her, and now we have to pay with real money "for my special money hole mummy" Meaning the lolly machine at the local shop ;-)


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