Tuesday, October 30, 2007

she is such a tripper sometimes

it seems I am suffering from toddler tripout of late. oh well, I guess that's what happens with toddlers, and I don't mean to bore the few readers I have with mindless dribble about a toddler but..

man, she trips me out sometimes....ironically I'm trying to type this on a keyboard that has had Snappy Jaws toothpaste smeared(brushed) all over it.

We went out for dinner tonight, a fantastic experience... i really enjoy going out for tea with Andy andLily. She's been out for dinner regularly since a newborn, and we've never turned it into an issue or pandered to that doctrine of can't do something because I have a baby/toddler/kids....bollocks. And I come from a family of a LOT of kids so know the experience of what you really can and can't do with kids.

Anyway, at the end of the meal, Lily wanders around the restaurant reading all the numbers on the table totally freaking out other patrons, "there's a ten, mummy", here's a five," and "ooh, a two" etc. Now this is all totally off her own bat, not initiated at all. She just loves reading numbers and has done so since she was just two. In fact, she could read the numbers from 1 to 9 (although used to get 6 and 9 mixed up) before she could actually count them. There's one counting book we'd read and she'd wait until you lifted the flap so she could read the numbers rather than count them by rote. LOL I'll never forget when she surprised mum totally a few months ago in a bakery in Colac when mum asked her, "what's this?" pointing to a table number, and she said "five"! PMSL

OK, brag over. I'm really not into bragging about my child's abilities, that's the teacher in me, after hearing so many parents overestimating their child's abilities, yes we all think our kids are brilliant, but only a minority are correct (BTW I don't think she is brilliant it's just her specific style of intelligence ;)) but it was just pretty funny to watch all these diners tripping about this pipsqueak two and a half year old reading table numbers.

And so to leave you here's a pic, taking my tips from Greenolive's Mixtape article in the second issue.

No relevance whatsoever, just mowing the lawn with daddy....note our beautiful lawnmower, that was an environmentally conscious purchase way back in 2001.


  1. That's priceless :o)

    Love the lawnmower too... we got an enviromower as our enviro mower (lol) choice... but I think yours takes the cake!! :o)

    BTW- your link to Greenolives isn't working.

  2. Thanks Shen :)

    Yes, me and my dodgy links, hey LOL


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