Tuesday, October 30, 2007

so maybe I got this the wrong way around

Apparently most people buy hairclips to match an outfit, not the other way around.
They obviously don't craft.
I bought these gorgeous little yoyo clips from Lottielulu quite some time ago, mainly because I love this Sis Boom print and had some of it in my stash. My plan was to make something special to match.

Finally.. FINALLY I got around to making something to go with the hairclips, my impetus was mainly that my poor little girl has had a growth spurt and most of her pants seem to have become a tad on the short side, and I really need to stop pulling them down so they sit on her hips to be long enough. *blush* So out came Lily's special fabric stash and we selected the Sis Boom fabric and decided a little matching top was in order. Very simple but very cute!!!

How sickeningly gorgeous is she in green!!!!


  1. Oh! That's a gorgeous set!! Do you do customs?? I'm a size....

  2. I like the top and the fabric! It would look absolutely gorgeous on Becky too lol :) Can you tell I love green on my little girl? :) I have some of those hairclips but nothing to match..boohoo

  3. love it tik.. great colours on lily. gorgeous last shot. soooo cute

  4. Oh Wow, what a gorgeous set! That is one of my all time fave fabrics, it is just the perfect shade of green.


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