Saturday, October 13, 2007

the market thang

so I'm doing a market. I don't usually do markets for a number of reasons; mainly all the time you need to put in standing around and the amount of stock you need to have on hand. But this is a one off, for Lily's play group to raise some much needed funds for the lovely church group that run it at absolutely no cost to us.
I have to say I'm feeling a little daunted by the amount of sewing I still need to do *eek* I had these visions of me turning up with about five pieces of clothing to sell LOL Luckily Megsie has come to the rescue and whipped up some of her awesome hair clips while we were at the block. I'm planning on having a bit of everrything on hand. And to be honest, I'm not really sure how it will go, whether I'll really sell much at all. Whether the attendees will appreciate the difference between mass produced clothing (which by the way another stall there will be selling) and individually produced one-off items of clothing. I hope so....

Anyway for those that are interested in the local area

Mothers' Twilight Market
Friday 19th October 7pm
St Peter's Hall, Draper Street, Ocean Grove
(which is actually part of the church)

gold coin donation entry
supper available

Now back to my sewing !!!!

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