Wednesday, October 10, 2007

knitting, knitting, knitting

One of the pleasures of holiday time and driving somewhere is the knitting time. We have just spent a bit over a week up at the bush block near the Grampians; I'm saving that story and the pics for another post. The 3 hour trip there and back afforded me some knitting time which set off a little bit of a knitting frenzy, so here are some recent knitting WIPs and even a couple of finished projects :D

First, finally the other Rainy Day sock. This pair was started on the trip between Adelaide and home to see if it is possible to knit a sock in that trip. Nice comfy socks even if the colourway is totally wrong for the pattern LOL

Well, my Hedera has been frogged and reborn as the Fools Rush sock, not sure how apt that name is or not LOL It's a cute little pattern which works much better for this yarn.

I cast this on up at the block and have now completed about 50cm and waiting on more yarn, nearly a third of the way. I'm making two of these for my sister and I; wraps for the wedding reception. This is the Sublime muse pattern. (thanks Tania :D)

You've got to love a quick easy knit!! I've been wanting to knit these saartje booties for ages but there has been a real derth of girl bubs. Luckily my BIL's wife had a little bubba girl a week or so ago. These are for little Emily. I also whipped up a couple of double sided flannelette baby blankets for her.

I have another pair of booties half done in green and pink and luckily another pink bubba arrived in the family, little Kaylee.

And because I obviously don't have enough WIPs on the go as it is I cast on Lily's rainbow dress after the idea for how I wanted to do it came to me in flash a little dimmer than one of genius. this is the awesome Monster Knits gradient dyed rainbow yarn. I started Lily's dress ages ago but wasn't happy with it; version #2 I'm pretty sure is going to be a keeper. Now I need some more Knitpicks cables so I can transfer and finish it on something a little bigger than a 40cm circ.

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  1. All those who vote for a weekend knitting retreat at Georgie's block say "aye".....


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