Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some pinnies in progress...

Been doing some work on some pinnies and pants and a few other bits and pieces of late while on my working holiday here in Adelaide. Also been doing a lot of shopping but surprisingly haven't even ventured into a fabric store yet *gasp* what is going on there!!!!!
Megsie and I have been having lots of fun and the creative vibes and ideas are fairly flying, unfortunately we don't have enough time to keep up with all our proposals but hopefully they will all come to eventuation. We have created a couple of collaborative projects so far; something for a little April birthday girl (big hugs Em and Kate) and something for Lily. We are currently worling on a few projects for ozebaby too.
The girls have mostly been playing well together and are pretty cute to watch. when they were younger they used to carry on these conversations in pure baby babble that we couldn't understand at all (but they sure cracked us up!!!)) so now that they both are really in command of their vocabulary and speech it's even more amusing to hear their conversations. On the way back from Harbourtown today we heard this from the back seat, Lily says, "Tully, what's that noise?" Tully replies, "I'm not noisy!" And so follows an odd 2 year old conversation about noise LOL

I digress.... so pics tonight ~ three pinnies in varying states of progress. Only one of these are for ozebaby.

Hmm, cute cherries ~ this is the one for ozebaby ~ back is done, something special planned for the front :D

this will reach its new owner on Tuesday :D Wonder if you can guess who it is for? She will if she looks here for sure LOL But I know she is going away for the weekend so it might be safe. I love this, it is really really really special!!!

And for the birthday girl, a pinnie with some gorgeous fabric that arrived from the US last week. This is the new Michael Miller Dick and Jane print, it is soooo gorgeous. The mummy recipient of this loves retro and taught English in a former life so I'm hoping she will appreciate the literary bent in this one. Each little circle has a different image from the Dick and Jane stories, the bodice is lined with spotty pink quilters cotton and the buttons are spotty green. It is really really cute IRL~~ but I must say I am a little nervous and hoping she likes it. Still debating whether it needs a green ricrac around the hem.

Megsie took this photo of my temporary working office here in her loungeroom, here I am sewing away ~ yes, I am quite short LOL She naughtily added in some props to this photo to say, hey it is a working holiday!!! she's a bad ass sister, huh!!! You can however, see in the photo the remains of Lily's easter egg that her gran gave her and I ate *oops* it was yummy though!!


  1. Wow Georgie - that butterfly pinnie is pretty special. I can't wait to see who the lucky little girl is.

  2. Oooh oooh a sneak peek!! LOL.

    Will be stalking the postie even more anxiously now, Em's pinnie looks gorgeous!!!! And yay because have time to hunt down some leggings to match the buttons, so so cute!!

    Tikki you are a deadset genius!!

    Hanging to see who the butterfly is for too, it is absolutely stunning!!!

    Ohhh exciting times!!


  3. Oh and absolutely appreciate the literary connection too... my MIL has some of those books somewhere too... will have to hunt them out when we are next down the coast!

  4. mmmm nice butterfly huh;):D


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