Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Knitting Pact

I'm really good at starting new knitting projects, just not so good at finishing them. The starting part is fun; the middle slog and the finishing part, sometimes by then the enthusiasm tends to wane a bit

... actually it's probably not entirely just about knitting, there's quite a few UFOs in my craft cupboard hiding. There's quite a number of cross stitch pieces including an alphabet sampler for Lily ( to be honest, I'm a little cross-stitched out after the mammoth effort I made on Lily's quilt)

So I'm making a pact with myself, one that I am going to try really hard to not break.

I am not allowed to start any new projects until I finish one of my old UFOs.

I am not allowed to purchase any new yarn until all my current UFOs are finished.

I am not allowed to dye any more wool until I have knitted up all the wool I have already dyed.

I am not allowed to buy wool from a Monsterknits restocking unless I have knitted the wool from the last restocking (this one is going to be really really hard :()

I will give myself a little knitting reward each time I finish another UFO :D (gotta have some incentive to do them, huh.)

I am going to try to knit exclusively from my stash until it is reduced substantially ~ it might weigh more than me LOL Just kidding!!!

Wish me Luck!!!

I'll need it!!

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