Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have stacks of pants cut and ready to sew up, these are the first few in the reds. I'm trying to do them all fairly gender neutral or boyish as the boys do miss out a bit sometimes. It is really hard to find nice boyish fabric that isn't, well, just wrong, there are certain images that I won't use. ;) Anyway, I'm pretty happy with my selection for this load (think there will initially be about ten pairs all up ranging from size 0 up to 3) there's a good mix of retro, funky and cuteness (think dragons and turtles. And yes, I realise that the spotty heart is neither boyish or gender neutral but it's been playing in my head for a while and just had to get it out. Oh and there will be a little touch of Asia on a couple of pieces too, now off to sew them up!

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