Friday, March 30, 2007

Golly gosh, I love op shops!!!!

Well, Megsie and I have been having a bit of a traipse through our local op shops; we have three here in this little town, and one in particular is awesome!! I have found some great bargains there, I *think* we were looking for some raw materials and inspiration for the NC recycled nappy challenge but we forgot about that pretty quickly. LOL

Anyway I had to share these special finds, three fabo vintage knitting books!! I LOVE old knitting books and pamphlets, I have a nice little collection of them, all 60s and 70s (and a couple that are 40s/50s)

There are some great patterns and advice in them; some I'd actually even like to make... and some hilarious outfits. These are some of my favourites.
the crocheted wedding dress, shame I'm already married huh!!
this little knitted and smocked dress reminds me of the crumpets pattern, I really like this and probably may possibly make it for Lily
This I really really like!!!
This is hilarious!!! Love the shorties and matching little top!!!!
Love this doll, way too cute, but the eyes are a bit weird.
This is stunning, look closely and you'll see the vest is covered in butterflies
this I am saving to make for someone who has everything LOL how weird is it, they are braces and belt ????
oh, check out the loopy loops on the shoulders and pockets of this little number
pretty sure Andy won't let me make this for him LOL

And how cute is this little jacket, brand new, I scored for Lily at the oppie for 50 cents!!!

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